House of Hooray Studio Tour

House of Hooray Studio Tour


Hello, this is my first blog post!  I have committed myself to writing one post a week which will be published on a Friday.  And here I am at 8:15pm on Friday writing the post, I love a deadline.

So what will I be blogging about? I don't have a plan (yet) but I'm thinking behind the scenes at House of Hooray, DIY projects and things I'm loving right now etc.

Today I'm giving you a little studio tour so you can see where I design and make all your lovely orders.  

I moved into this studio in September last year prior to this I was working from a home studio. Actually, that's a lie I had taken over nearly every room in my house and it was becoming quite stressful.  With Christmas looming, I decided that for the sake of mine and my families sanity I needed to move the business out of the house.  

I dreamed of the perfect studio like the above image, big windows, high ceilings, clean white walls, but it didn't exist.  Not in my budget anyway.

So when I got a call from an agent about a unit that had been a cafe but she thought it may be suitable for my needs, I was not hopeful but decided I'd take a look with an open mind.  

What struck me when I first walked in was the size, so much space, I'd been so used to working on top of myself at home I could only dream of having all this space.   It was not the pretty studio I had dreamt of but with a little TLC I could make it work.  The main space doesn't have any natural light but the office room is quite light and airy so makes up for it.  

Also as it used to be a greasy spoon cafe it has a massive industrial extractor fan which is perfect for ventilating my laser cutter, which was a massive bonus. 

So I signed the lease and moved in, let me tell you moving the business was harder than moving house and I have moved house a lot!  

It's been amazing having the space to spread out, I'm much more productive mostly because I'm not tripping over myself.  I also loved 'going to work' every day after working from home for so long, it was nice to put some space between my home life and the business.


However, there are a few cons to having a studio, the cost is number one.  It's such a massive overhead that quiet times become more worrisome. Working hours are a bit of an issue as I'm such a night owl, but my studio is on an industrial estate its not really somewhere I want to be late at night on my own.   Running the business around my daughter was much easier when it was at home especially during holidays or when she is poorly.  So the long-term plan is to eventually move the business back home, not the home we currently live in but hopefully one day we will be fortunate enough to buy somewhere that can house the business or has space to build a purpose built studio.  It's very much a dream at the moment but one day I will have my light and airy home studio.   


So let us begin the tour (disclaimer photos were taken under horrible artificial lighting).

house of hooray packing area

 The packing area this is where all your orders are packed up.  it is a practical rather than a beautiful space.

house of hooray fabric storage

This is where all the rolls of felt are stored colour coordinated of course. 

house of hooray studio table

I love a bit of I kea storage and I use the trofast draws to store the felt off cuts.  I started with one set and now I have nine and they are still overflowing.  I Donate a lot of scraps to my daughter's school but larger bits I use.  The table in the centre is where I assemble all your orders.  It's soooo good to have the space to lay everything out properly. 

house of hooray photography corner

This is my photography corner,  this is the only area of the studio that gets good natural light.  Annoyingly today after a whole week of sunshine it was overcast.  I would love more space to stage the photos but for now this set up is working well and I think my product shots are better than they have ever been.

This is my desk where I design, print and sew all your orders.  This is where I'm based for most of the day going between the computer and the sewing machine.

The view from my sewing machine.  The office wall has these windows in it and although I'm not looking into a nice airy studio this view of all the colours still brings me lots of joy.

That concludes the tour, I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of behind the scenes. 




Gabrielle Godoy

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